D17A/PLAYLEARN - 激發學習熱情 輕鬆玩學玩用 Let's Play and Learn to motivate children to advance English standard


激發學習熱情 玩學玩用

日期:    2017917 (星期日)
時間:    下午3 - 5時半
地點:    香港女童軍總會總部2樓紫燕閣
對象:    子女正就讀幼稚園高班至小一之Trefoil Guild女童軍會員
K3快樂小蜜蜂/小一小女童軍之家長 (歡迎攜同子女參加)
導師及講者Ms Innez Wong
此工坊將以互動形式進,探索玩的遊幫助及帶動學習。 家長及領袖將會被安排,參與及體互動環節。

Let’s Play and Learn to motivate children to advance English standard

Topics to explore:
1.      Is playing bad for learning?
2.      How can we help your children/ Girls develop the passion to learn?
3.      Tricks and tips for parents /Guiders to motivate their children/Girls, release their pressure and negative emotion.
Date :             17 Sep 2017 (Sun)
Time :             3pm - 5.30 pm
Location :        Jane’s Corner, 2/F., Headquarters of HKGGA
Participants :   Commissioners, Guiders, members of Trefoil Guild, Happy Bee & Brownies who have kids in K3 to P1 (welcome to bring kids to join)
Facilitator & Speaker : Ms Innez Wong (Teacher Malin - TBC)
Interested members please register via ONLINE, MAIL or IN PERSON on or before 07/09/2017. For enquiries, please contact HKGGA staff Mr Bruce Wong via 2359 6837 or bruce.wong@hkgga.org.hk, Application results will be confirmed later.
Language: Cantonese supplemented with English
This interactive workshop will explore how playing affects learning. Parents/Guiders will be asked to participate in interactive activities.  Methods, case studies and strategies for parents will be discussed. Q&A session included.
Innez Wong : 學歷 & 工作履歷
加拿大York University Glendon College心理學學位
加拿大LaSalle College *T.E.S.L. (為第二語言教師證書-教授英文)
香港幼稚園、小學及中學擔任英語為母語英語教師 (NET)
受聘於香港ABC Pathways School擔任課程總監
PAL賢友教育中心創辦人兼課程總監 (創作及編寫PAL English (一套特別教材專門為學習英文為第二語言之人而設計引用英國國家教育課程 (British National Curriculum)為學習指標)
*Teachers of English as a Second Language - Canada


Start Date/Time End date/time Location Remarks
2017-09-17       15:00 2017-09-17       17:00 香港女童軍總會2/F紫燕閣


Type Value Remarks
Adult Member $0.00 領袖/總監/女童軍聯誼會會員
Child Member $0.00 快樂小蜜蜂/小女童軍
Non-Member $0.00 快樂小蜜蜂/小女童軍隊員家長


Target Team        
Application Date 2017-08-17 17:14:00 To 2017-09-10 23:59:00